IT platform DevoTech launched-Prothom Alo

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Source -Prothom Alo, 23:01, Apr 24 2018

DevoTech, a Bangladeshi technology enabler platform, has recently started its official journey at DevoTech Technology Park of the capital’s Gulshan, according to UNB.

During his speech, Raihan Shamsi, chairman and CEO of DevoTech said that the current 4th Industrial Revolution was opening a door of opportunity for Bangladesh to utilise its talents and expedite the socio-economic prosperity.

He also mentioned, this global trend will also create an intense competitive environment and Bangladeshi talents must prepare to mark their territory.

Information minister, Hasanul Haq Inu, applauded the DevoTech initiatives and said in 2009 nobody believed the ‘digital Bangladesh’ dream, but after 9 years people now can see the examples of digitisation.

Political adviser to the prime minister, HT Imam said by creating DevoTech the country has moved towards a new dimension.

State minister for ICT Division, Zunaid Ahmed Palak expressed his appreciation and said, “Our local companies and startups are now competing with global Technology companies by localisation- localised software, apps and services.”

Later, Raihan demonstrated two of DevoTech’s products- ‘Daktarbhai’ and ‘Imagine Radio’.

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