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We are living in an era of rapid technological change. These changes are faster every day and they are also changing our lives, our businesses and our interaction with everyday things. There are new challenges, new opportunities, and with the DevoTech platform you can choose your direction towards disruption and innovation.

Next Gen Tech Solutions Platform

Today, businesses increasingly invest on technology to unlock their next wave of growth. And DevoTech brings you a platform that can address your next generations technology needs. Powered by Bangladeshi tech talents throughout the world, the solutions are designed for both local and international businesses.

Startup Studio

DevoTech Startup Studio is the springboard of success for the bright startups in Bangladesh. With a well defined startup grooming program, investments and operational level supports, DevoTech Startup Studio is the smartest platform in the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh.

Cyber Security Solutions & Operations Center

With the wake of digital evolution our information and digital assets need defense from cyber security threats. In partnership with CyberLynx, we bring you a host of cyber security solutions at a simple and cost efficient manner.
DevoTech also offers state-of- the-art SOC solutions and experts with years of experience in serving global clients. With DevoTech SOC, your business is protected.

BPO Services

When it comes to BPO services, the resource pool of DevoTech brings an impressive track record of serving multiple countries while meeting or exceeding KPI’s. The team has years of experience in delivering 4 th Generation BPO services in the areas of IT and F&A.